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71 in 2004, which is admittedly not too high but still acceptable for short scales such as ours (ranging from 2 to 4 items). Furthermore, most of the items used in our survey were 42 Motivation, Language Attitudes and Globalisation taken from instruments that had proven to work in previous research conducted in similar environments; this, coupled with the extensive size of the sample is believed to make our findings fairly robust. Motivational Dimensions: Language Rank Order and Changes over Time Having computed composite variables for the main motivational dimensions, we are in a position to start the actual analyses.

Most of the F scores are significant, which indicates definite changes over time, and the sequence markings (based on post hoc comparisons) reveal where the actual changes occurred. 961ÃÃÃ 1 ns 2 . 220ÃÃÃ 1 . 935ÃÃÃ 1 . 527ÃÃÃ 1 . 2 . 863ÃÃÃ 1 . 2 . 248ÃÃÃ 1 . 2 . 273ÃÃÃ 1 . 2 . 911ÃÃÃ 1 . 2 . 774ÃÃÃ 1 . 885ÃÃÃ 1 ns 2 . 990ÃÃÃ 1 , 2 . 108ÃÃÃ 1 . 2 . 536ÃÃÃ 1 . 750ÃÃÃ 1 . 2 . 019ÃÃÃ 1 . 2 . 483ÃÃÃ 1 . 2 . 805 1 ns 2 ns 3b — a Post hoc LSD comparison. Numbers refer to the phases of the survey. ’ denote significant differences.

In other words, according to the Hungarian learners’ perceptions, Global English is more closely associated with the US than the UK. German appears to be still widely endorsed among Hungarian teenagers although the ratings here show an imbalance towards the instrumental aspects, reflecting the importance of German economic influence in the region. With respect to French, the third language in the rank scale, the figures reveal that it is not considered to be in the same ‘league’ as English and German by the respondents.

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